by Stephanie Lacy

There is a shaking that has happened that has caused many leaders to rethink what they are doing. But, it is important to know that it is not in the WHAT but in the how. How you are thinking, how you are reacting and how you are moving inside of the WHAT.
This is where there is a parting of “ways”. Not in the sense of the word parting ways with people so much. There is some of that going on but that is not what I am highlighting here. But parting from the ways you have been thinking, reacting and moving. 

For many, there has been a disruption in the “WHAT”. The “what” is your vision, purpose, livelihood, marriage, relationships, business, work or ministry. And because it has been disrupted, there are some of you who are questioning causing you to rethink your what altogether. No. I say no. You see this is where you either fold or you stand and expand. But standing and expanding requires us to embrace the disruption and leverage it to push us deeper. And this is the part is where God gives insight to those who are willing to go deeper with Him. 

Those who fold during this time will not enjoy the richness and reward that is coming upon the heels of the faithful. What is the root that causes folding? It is bitterness, resentment and un-forgiveness. In this position of folding, there won’t be the room God needs to give you insight to for the how to your what. In this time it’s crucial to understand that kingdom is going to take territory in nearly every sector and God will be seen in this and it will be recognized it is Him. So here, you cannot give up! You Cannot. It’s simply time to go deeper and just because it is quiet is not a sign to give up! It is A SIGN TO PRESS IN! God will give you insight. It is crucial to forgive, release and trust God. 

For those who are staying inside of their vision and refusing to listen to the lies and clamor regarding their vision, you are at the cusp of a promotion of magnanimous proportion. You have gotten the “basics” down and you have already moved into the more advanced mindset with God. Yet there has been turmoil surrounding you trying to halt. Understand that this has just been an intermission. Some of you see that already because you sought God and He showed you. For those who haven’t seen that please know this intermission is short. There are things being done behind the curtain that you cannot see. Those who have seen this as an intermission also are beginning to see by the eyes of the Spirit what is going on behind the curtain! But! It’s because they are seeking God more DEEPLY THAN EVER. 

The keys to the kingdom can only be gained by seeking the One who has them. And because it is a time of KINGDOM EXPANSION, you will have to get your wisdom, insight and instructions from a more deeply seeking God mindset. It is time to subdue and take territory, as it is what God is doing. But you won’t see it happen if you aren’t seeking first the kingdom. God has the strategy, the blueprints in hand, but THEY ARE WITH HIM. And the only way you will receive them, is to seek Him more. 

Expansion is here beloved of God.


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