A NUCLEAR ARMAGEDDON Is Looming in Our Future

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Last week, while Americans were obsessing about the government shutdown and the shenanigans of an opportunistic Native American to make a political statement, a major shift in Middle Eastern politics occurred. It almost went unnoticed by the media, despite the fact that it will change everything.
Saudi Arabia has begun to develop its own nuclear capability. They have done this because their intelligence has confirmed that Iran is close to having nuclear weapons, along with the capacity to deliver them. Soon, we will have radical Sunnis squaring off against radical Shiites, virtually assuring a nuclear Armageddon.
The Saudis, who were reluctant to take this step, placed a great deal of faith in President Trump to keep the Iranians in check and to change the political dynamics in the Middle East, but they are no longer certain he can survive the relentless attacks from the pro-Iranian Democrats. Out of self-preservation, the Saudis have taken this bold step to level the playing field with their mortal enemy, Iran.
With uranium obtained from the USA through Hillary Clinton’s corrupt State Department and $150 billion in cash flown in secretly from President Obama, Iran had all that it needs to move forward with its threat to destroy Israel and the Great Satan—the United States of America.
Because the Left would rather take down Trump than allow him to do his job, the skittish Saudis have made this bold move. Interestingly, the Israelis are not threatened by this and have stated as much. Israel fears Iranian aggression—not the Saudis.
Nevertheless, there is now a nuclear arms race in the Middle East that cannot be stopped by any other means than force, but the fools in the media are too consumed with “getting Trump” to inform Americans about this. Not many are even paying attention. God help us!

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