by Stephanie Lacy

As we were entering the month of October, there was much contending for the body of Christ. Upon the entrance of this new month, new assignments and alignments have come forth through that contending.
Much like when Daniel fasted for 21 days, it took time for angelic help to come through the second Heaven to arrive with help. There was a battle between the angels of God and the demonic realm. This is what has been happening in the last few weeks.

But this is what I have heard,
“My reinforcements are now here to help you conquer these fronts and to take the territory back. The territory I have desired. Pray now in authority rather than prayers of sustainment. You have the help you need now. My reinforcements are here. Do not fear praying prayers of command. Commanding those things to move, commanding those things to be uprooted, commanding what is right. Command these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Those who will hear these words and follow them will see and taste the fruit of the words I place into their mouths. Those prayers you have prayed in years past have gone up to me and I have heard them. Trust I have heard them and begin speaking boldly pointing your spear in the direction of what you know I have already promised you, declare and decree it come forth. My bride is coming together.”

The contending, the waiting, the pressing, the refinement of faith has brought the body of Christ new help. You have what you need. The reinforcements are now here. Take your positions and take authority in the name of Jesus Christ.

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