An Intensifying Storm Is Looming!

An intensifying storm looms. At its epicenter is our American culture, biblical values, and the very continued existence of our nation. We are currently in one of the greatest national crisis points that positions our nation at the precipice of absolute destruction. The Republican establishment, Democrat Socialists, anarchists, and ideological theological militants are advancing the storm front. They do not rally as one, yet they demonstrate striking similarities. Internally, they are like a pack of wolves fighting over their prey.

As justice in truth advances, the forces of opposition in resistance double down. The Republican establishment is in jeopardy of losing its “good ole boy,” power position and relevancy. Typically called “Rhino Republicans” strain to hold to their power, so as not to lose it to the so-called Populists or Conservative Libertarians. The struggle becomes a “Whatever it takes” to take down everyone and everything that stands in their away threatening their survival in power. From the national levels of government to even the most local of levels, there are Republican leaders who by power bullying, intimidation, public humiliation, and threat of political and personal desolation, pursue to eliminate even those of their own party. They do not want other Republican candidates running, resulting in a contested race against their own personal pick. Republican contested races on the national level are nothing new. Some candidates set out attempting to have their voices heard in sincerity. Others get in the game to grandstand for their own selves, promote their book, or simply to be the spoiler or a proxy strike team against the nation’s favorite in the race.

Those who seek to hold on to their power have lost the pursuit of “What is the best for our country, district or county?” Instead, they promote those who will serve them and seek to gain the greatest ranks of power, control, and benefit! Not unlike, the actual opposing party of Democrat Socialists, they conclude that citizens are not smart enough to vote the right way! They fear the growing self-awareness of “We the people.

The Democrat Socialists strain to overtake a revival of biblical values and people of faith, including Christianity, Judaism, the Jewish community and Yisrael itself! American patriotism, heritage, culture, values, and freedoms are all in the crosshairs of these militants. They exasperatingly seethe, attempting to suffocate free market capitalism that enables individual recovery of personal dignity, value, and success. Their agenda is hypocritical and internally conflicted. They declare they are for the children yet applaud abominable abortion procedures. They boast of advocacy for the poor but cater to rich elitists. They revile masculinity, but demand equality of women to men. They promote laws and rules against gender pronouns to obscure sexual differences yet declare the “Year of the woman.” They claim to stand against child abuse, yet proactively inculcate gender confusions into the minds of young children. They espouse morality but embrace amoralism. They vehemently oppose the language of God as offensive, yet in usury invoke God to advance their cause.

Anarchists as opportunists, lay in wait to incite violence seeking power through fear. We have seen their acts as they have set fire to government buildings, looted stores, attacked police and more. Ideological theological militants vehemently pursue through strategic assaults to silence the voice of justice in truth to replace it with their own corrupted world views.

So-called, “higher learning institutions” have been openly revealed to be cesspools of collective seedbeds of hate and violence against America, Yisrael, Jews and other peoples of faith. Today we see the true results of these institutions. Militants rioting in our streets, taking siege of these same institutions, spewing their fascist hate speech and revolting profane antisemitic repulsiveness. They cheer evil violence and stand with those who boast of these acts of abomination, especially those which took place on October 7 in Eretz Yisrael.

If we are going to survive this intensifying looming storm as these United States of America, it is imperative that we take personal responsibility of who we are and who we are not. We must take hold of our Creator Elohim and His Word and subsequently set ourselves to teshuvah/repentance. We must purposefully know who the candidates are in their person, worldview, biblical worldview, political position, and disposition, how they have voted and how they will vote! We as citizens do not live in a bubble of isolation from their positions of power! From the grocery store, our utility bills, the gas station, to our medical needs, these power positions impose effect and affect in our daily lives!

Historically, revivals begin by looking back to recover the best of the past and seeking its revival in the present. God gave promise to Israel, if in diaspora they would acknowledge and confess their sin, turn in broken heart and contrite spirit toward teshuvah/repentance, that He would hear, forgive, revive, and restore them. God declared to Yisrael: “If My people who are called by My NAME, will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways. I will hear from heaven and heal their land.” He promised that He would hear and forgive, bring them back to His Land, Eretz Yisrael, and restore to them what the locusts have eaten and that He would be their Elohim!

As for All Yisrael, as well as all others, humility and prayer are deficient apart from teshuva/repentance. Let us seek the place where the One True Living God is and come to Him in teshuva. Let our nation see the true revival of the best of our national heritage and faith values. Elohim calls specifically for All Yisrael, the Jew and those of the nations called by His Name, to come to Him in teshuvah, so that the times of refreshing, the restoration of all things and the one who is held in Heaven may come! As the storm intensifies, may we find Him while He yet can be found! It is written, “Today is the day of salvation, harden not your hearts!” May Messiah come in our day! Choose Freedom! Choose Life!