Answer The Call

by William Worrell

America: The land of the free and the home of the brave. Paraphrased, that says the land of opportunity and the home of the hero. Yet, sometimes those brave bold words have a hollow sound. Especially when, that shiny land in question tends to show a frayed look. Friends, our beloved America is in trouble. We’re in trouble at home and abroad. Our troubles are so numerous they can be deemed multifaceted in nature: economic, ecological, political, sociological, and the list is much longer. However, we’ll limit our discussion to the one problem that, in one way or another, affects so many aspects of American life. That one problem is the specter of divorce.

The family is the foundation of our nation. Marriage is the glue of the family. In times past, marriage was viewed as a sacred vow—never to be violated. Yet with each generation, that trust has been compromised. Divorce was something to be avoided at all cost—even to be shunned.

Today, divorce is at such an all time high that the traditional family is threatened with being placed on the endangered species list. A marriage is a miracle where by the choice of two people, in love, have decided to become one-life. Divorce is the executioner of that life. In essence, divorce is murder. Add in children and the state of complication becomes enormous. In fact, it becomes rather ugly.

In our society, there is the deception and misconception that you can have a simple, clean, and friendly divorce. The very idea is ludicrous! The very nature of divorce is the mutilation and dissection of a life. In other circles of concern, that is known as murder.

Let’s trace the strands of the hangman’s knot of divorce…lust, money, wild-oats, lawyers—Shakespeare said, “Hang all the lawyers!”

Divorce affects your life! The bi-products of divorce are: Husband and wife both loose five years of life—10 years from the kids! That’s not all! It primes the kids for a set-up for future divorce…and the cycle continues…

Time to end the cycle! Yet, how? Number one: Reconcile! Father God can work that out for you!! Breaking the cycle means confronting yourself and crying out to Father God. Confront yourself. Reconcile. Break the cycle. THEN, help others!

It’s time to stand up and confront the specter of divorce. There’s just such a movement and stand starting to sweep across our land. It involves picking up and putting on the robe of integrity. Likewise, it means facing our individual failures and shortcomings. Then it means making a quality decision for reconciliation. A quality decision is a choice from which there is no retreat—a commitment! Love is more than a warm feeling—it’s a choice.

Those who embrace the marriage movement ( also termed marriage initiative) could be called patriots. Patriots, in times past, have been called heroes. Where are the heroes? There may be one closer than you think. Look inside…there may be one there yearning to emerge. Take the step. Join the movement.



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