Are You Called to Ministry?

Are You Called to Ministry?

If you are like most believers, at some point you will begin asking yourself the question, “Am I called to the ministry. The short answer is “Yes, you are.” All Christians are called to ministry. The question is, “Have you been called as a Fivefold equipper that Paul mentions in Ephesians 4? Not everyone is.


These gifts mentioned are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.


The way you know you are called to one of these is not whether you want to “do” evangelism, “do” apostolic ministry, or “do” teaching. Doing the work of the ministry does not mean you are a Fivefold leader. Paul says in Ephesians 4 that these gifts equip the saints for the work of the ministry. So, it is the saints whose primary mission is to “do” the work. Fivefold leaders work, too, leading by example, but their primary work is equipping the saints.


A good indicator that you are called as a Fivefold leader is that you desire above all things to equip the saints for works of serving and that you are ready to give your whole life to that one task.


You would do it for FREE. You will pay your own money so that you can work to equip others.


You will rise early and stay up late, laboring to give yourself to equipping people.


You will spend thousands, tens of thousands of dollars or more, getting equipped to make yourself a better equipper.


You will labor tirelessly without recognition, without a “Thank you”, without needing to be noticed by anyone.


You will carry a burden for believers and churches, throwing off a desire to criticize them for a spirit of intercession.


You will lead and value five, or fifteen, or fifty people like they were thousands.


You will not give up when it becomes hard. You will push through. You will hang on.


You will do it, though complainers and critics and betrayers open their mouths against you.


You will do it when no one stands with you.


You will do it until one or more people costs you your job, your church, or your ministry, and leaves you wounded and dying . . .


. . . and once you have been healed, YOU WILL RISE AND DO IT AGAIN!”


Because there is a grace on your life that makes you an equipper, and you couldn’t stop it if you wanted to. Though you may find yourself in occasional off seasons, you will eventually find yourself back coaching the team.


To stop would be to betray who you are, and who you are is an equipper and a laborer for the Church and the Gospel of the Kingdom.


That’s an equipper.


I thank God for those faithful men and women whom I know who have given themselves tirelessly for the sake of the equipping those for the work of the Kingdom, and I thank God for those faithful workers who are getting it done!


The Kingdom and the world need you both.


Joseph Perry

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