by Terina Kelso

Real effectiveness in MINISTRY…is NOT weighed by how much was collected in the morning offering nor by having the newest technology or gadgets in our services nor the Sunday morning attendance, rather … REAL effectiveness in MINISTRY, I believe is measured by the changes that take place within the community that exits outside the church walls.

Impacting the lives of, not only those who come and fellowship together in close quarters, but reaching those that are not so easily to be reached: The Community–Beyond the church walls.

As we enter 2018, we should consider asking ourselves this question: If the church suddenly closed its doors… what would be the effect upon your community, if any.

As far back within the Word of God as Genesis 2:8, the eternal purpose of God’s People was to impact society–To transform every segment of society, in such a manner, as to reflect the Glory of God.

Often, we set our objective on the necessity of “outreach” into the community. And by that, what we are really saying is that we should share the Gospel of Christ. Please don’t misunderstand me, we have a duty–a Mandate to win the lost for Christ. We then go about making disciples–teaching others to do what we have just done. But this is not all of what Christ commanded us to do.

The commandment of the Lord is to go beyond this, and to empower society to manifest the Kingdom Principles for living each day. Exhibiting Kingdom Economics. Living within the Kingdom of God.

You see, society often operates in such a manner, that we believe, in order to excel it requires that someone else loses something. Example: If I am going to gain a dollar it must come from someone else. Therefore, someone must loose if I am to gain. Kingdom Economics says that God is the source. And since He is absolute, He is our source and since He is Eternal and all things have their existence and being in Him then there is a never ending well in which he pours from.

Allow me to give only two examples of this. First: When Jesus took the loafs of bread and fishes and blessed them and began to pass it down each row of people who had been seated upon the hill side (5,000 men) as each person tore from the loaf and took a fragment of fish the baskets were not diminished. Second: When Elisha told the Widow Woman to go to her neighbors and gather all the pots she could bring into her home and to begin pouring oil from her small pitcher into the pots she discovered the pitcher was not diminished. An unending source!

Thus it is with God. We do not operate of lack; we operate out of His abundance. We do not create from our own thoughts or logic but having the mind of Christ–the creativity of the Creator of the Universe. We are only limiting by ourselves.

As the Church we must infect our society with the Kingdom of God. We must empower our neighborhoods, our communities in such a manner that in coming to Christ a radical transformation impacts their lives and they leave the dominion of darkness and walk in the dominion of who God is and is living within and thru them.

That Church, should it ever close their door will leave an enormous hole within its city. Popularity and Effectiveness, Never Confuse the two. Being Popular is simply being liked for a while. Effectiveness means you have truly made a difference into the lives you touched.

Are you really being effective?

Gospel Recording Artist Lady T Kelso;

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