BARR’S STATEMENT Was Clear; It’s Our Turn Now

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Yesterday, when Attorney General Barr said that he did believe spying on the Trump campaign occurred, he inadvertently sent a shot across the bow of the Deep State, the Radical Left, and the sycophantic mainstream media. The truth of his statement changed everything.
Since the 2016 Presidential Campaign, patriotic Americans like us have been under attack non-stop by the forces of Darkness. We have been maligned and called every name in the book, just for standing strong for America, the rule of law, and righteousness.
Now that those who have sought to undermine our democratic republic—with their lies, their false witness, and their attempted coup—have failed, it is our duty to expose their deeds of darkness to the light of day. In this task, we will continue to stand strong and demand that all conspirators, regardless of how elevated their positions of authority have been, be brought to justice. We shall not rest until this job is complete.
I, for one, pledge to continue our struggle until our nation’s values are restored, so help me, God.

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