by Stephanie Lacey

Come out from the noise some pestilence and clamor and enter in to my place of stillness and receive from me. I have inclined my ear to you but have you inclined your ear to me? You have spoken many times but have you allowed yourself to be still enough and listen to the sound of my voice? I have much to speak into you. I long for those moments to hear and be heard. Our conversations are the gold of my kingdom. I so desire to be heard so that it may be well with you. All the problems that surround you are easily contended with through our covenant relationship and communication. Draw into me beloved. Even in the moment when you think you have little time still yourself before me, for I will stretch out your time. Time is mine to shrink or expand. In those precious moments with me I impart that wisdom, that direction, that strategy you have kept trying on your own to figure out. The decision is yours to make that entrance into rest rather than toil. The secret place is within you. I have set up my altar in your heart that we may meet and convene. This is the place I have longed to see utilized and sanctified. But I am your sanctification. Meet me here and be as Mary at my feet choosing and having the better part. It is my best and it will not be taken from you.

Scripture application Zechariah 2:13, Psalm 46:10-11, Exodus 14:13-14, Habakkuk 2:20, Mark 4:39-41, Psalm 46:1-7, Luke 10:38:42, psalm 62:5-6, Isaiah 40:31, James 5:7-8

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