Being Racist Can Never Stop Racism

Grants from Coca Cola paid for my entire Ph.D. program at Emory University years ago, including a sizable stipend, so I am personally grateful to them. I always have been, but I must speak out about their new anti-white policies. To try and make people hate who they are is a recipe for disaster. It never works and the backlash from it will be felt for generations.
For centuries, the English tried to make my Irish ancestors hate themselves for who they were, but it didn’t work, did it? The Irish rebelled and still hate the Brits for their eight hundred years of oppression.
I’m white. I’ve always been white, not by choice but by birth. Why should I be ashamed about who I am just because some misguided people believe I should? You are what you were born to be and, just as long as you are an honorable person, you should be proud of who you are. This includes everybody. You are who God created you to be. To try and make anybody ashamed of who they are is fundamentally wrong and should never be submitted to under any circumstances.
This makes sense to you, doesn’t it? So, while I’m appreciative to Coke for funding my education years ago, I must say emphatically that they are wrong about the direction they are taking corporately. In their efforts to be anti-racist, they are being militant racists. What if Coke told black people to try and behave like white people. How would that work? Not well; this will not work well either. Social engineering never works well.
It would be much more effective to tell people to champion who and what they are, while never disparaging others for who they are. That’s a strategy that works every time. It’s the American “Melting Pot” theory that, although flawed, has works for centuries.

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