Biden Will Abandon Israel. Here’s Why.

COMMON SENSE: Since 1948, Israel has been our primary military alliance in the Middle East. Until now, our relationship with this small but powerful democracy has been unassailable, but this is changing. Outwardly, the White House and the sycophantic media would have us believe it’s because of the IDF’s (Israel Defense Force) attack on Gaza. They maintain the war is creating too many civilian casualties.

They would have us believe that every Muslim life in Gaza has value, but I don’t believe this is the real reason. If that was the case, then the clamor from President Biden and his cronies would have been evident six months ago instead of more recently.

If I am correct, then what is the real reason?

It’s not the Muslims in Gaza that concern Biden. It’s the Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan. Because of the U.S. support of Israel over Hamas, American Muslims have abandoned Biden, calling him Genocide Joe. Although unfair, this has created a real problem for him. In order to get reelected, he must win Michigan, and he can’t do that without the Muslims in the state voting for him.

Therefore, out of nothing other than a desire to serve a second term, Biden is pulling away from Israel. By the time the election arrives, Israel will no longer feel confident that the USA has its back. They may feel that way already.

Biden may not be a smart man, but he is a shrewd survivor—a man who will do anything to stay in power. Having no honor, no sense of history or of duty, all that interests him is winning. To do so, he will sacrifice Israel to regain the Muslim vote.

I certainly do not agree with what he is doing, nor should any American. Strategically, it is an unwise move that will have lasting negative consequences. Other nations are watching. They will recognize how untrustworthy the USA is. I hate to say it but, with Biden as our leader, we are unreliable.

We must not allow the abandonment of Israel to stand. We cannot permit the militancy of the Muslims in the USA and the Radical Left to dictate U.S. foreign policy. If our allies cannot count on us to be true to our word, when a crisis comes our way, and it will, we will find ourselves all alone. Biden, fool that he is, is making a long-term decision to achieve a short-term goal. In my opinion, this is catastrophically unwise, and it will not work. Muslims and Woke Progressives are about as trustworthy as a philandering spouse.

—Jack Watts