CHRISTINE BLAZEY FORD’S Demand for an FBI Investigation Will Not Happen

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Christine Blazey Ford, whose brother has worked as council for Fusion GPS, refuses to testify about her uncorroborated allegation of sexual misconduct by Judge Brett Kavanaugh until an FBI investigation into the incident has been completed, but that will never happen. Here’s why:
1. Ford’s charge is not a federal crime. It’s a state crime in Maryland, but since it is 36 years old, the statute of limitations has passed. This means the state of Maryland cannot investigate it, even if they wanted to, which they probably don’t.
2. The FBI has already completed six background checks on Kavanaugh, and he passed all of them. Knowing more about Kavanaugh than his wife does, the Bureau has not taken Ford’s letter seriously. This speaks volumes about the matter, doesn’t it?
3. Ford’s lawyer knows there will be no FBI investigation. Then, why would her lawyer, Katz, allow her to make such a demand? It’s because “the truth” isn’t the end goal. Derailing Kavanaugh is. Another FBI background investigation would take the nomination past the midterm elections, which is the purpose of this dirty trick by the Democrats. They hope to flip the Senate, and if they do, no Trump appointee will be confirmed—not for the final two years of his administration.
4. Nothing about this is on the up-and-up. But how can the Democrats be so unethical? They justify what they are doing as payback for Judge Merritt Garland never receiving an up-and-down vote in the Senate, when Obama nominated him in early 2016. They are still hopping mad about this, and Kavenaugh is paying the price for Senator McConnell sitting on the nomination.
5. Ford is a militant anti-Trump activist who has hurled a charge at Kavanaugh that cannot be substantiated; nor can it stand the scrutiny of cross examination. Ford’s lawyer knows this. The Democrats behind this, especially Feinstein, also know this is true. Feinstein actually admitted she wasn’t even sure the allegations by Ford are true.
6. This means it is much safer for Ford to blast Kavanaugh from afar, rather than have to answer tough questions certain to come her way from Republican senators, several of whom have been federal prosecutors.

7. Most importantly, Ford’s attorney has probably warned her against testifying under oath, which would definitely put her in legal jeopardy, if she is fabricating anything.

These are the reasons why this troubled, mean-spirited woman refuses to testify. She’s not stable enough to do so. This is the truth that nobody is willing to acknowledge. Do I feel sorry for her? No, I don’t—not when her malice toward a good man has unfairly stained him forever.

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