Common Sense

by Jack Watts
The good news is President Trump is in exceptionally good health for a man his age, probably because he has never smoked or consumed alcoholic beverages. He is the poster boy for temperance. 
The bad news is how disappointed the media was to learn this news. They wanted Dr. Ronny Jackson to affirm their deepest desire. They wanted him to verify that the President was mentally unfit to lead our nation, but Dr. Jackson wouldn’t do it. Instead, he did the exact opposite. Since Jackson was also the White House physician for President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama, the media couldn’t dismiss the doctor’s findings either.
Nevertheless, for nearly an hour, one reporter after the other tried to find a loophole in Trump’s physical to use against him. That the level of bitterness and acrimony against President Trump is this high should give every American a reason to pause. Collectively, the press is acting more like a venomous ex-spouse than the 4th Estate. 
In their hatred for Trump, they have lost their objectivity. Instead, they have become an adversarial body—something that has never been their historical role. Not only does this affect their objectivity and credibility, but it also undermines the legitimate respect for the office of the Presidency. Their misanthropy toward Trump is certain to have significant negative consequences in the future. Like a spoiled child who can’t get his or her way, the press’ corporate Histrionic Personality Disorder is having a negative impact on us all.
This madness needs to stop. Donald Trump is the President of the United States, and he will be our Commander-in-Chief for the remainder of his term. Even if you do not like it, you must learn to accept it. That’s the American way.

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