by Jack Watts

What baffles me about the firing of Andrew McCabe isn’t the disingenuous moral outrage of the Left. That’s predictable. What amazes me is his lack of personal responsibility for the situation he brought upon himself.
Just as an Olympic athlete knows there is zero tolerance for performance-enhancing drugs, McCabe knew there was zero tolerance for “lack of candor” at the FBI. All agents know this, and they also realize there is no equivocation about it.
Based on this knowledge, where is McCabe’s sense of having failed, of having been unfaithful to his sworn duty, or of being remorseful for being misleading and deceptive? Why doesn’t he feel any shame for having let down his fellow FBI agents or for having brought disgrace upon the Bureau? Knowing that he was guilty, which was evident the day he was relieved of his duties several months ago, where is his sense of having failed at his primary mission in life? Why do none of the normal human emotions seem to exist exist for him? Why is he consumed with petty vindictiveness?
The reason for all of this is because McCabe lacks personal moral character. For him, cheating and being deceptive are normal. It’s what he does every day of his life.
For most of us, character counts, but not for McCabe—not for Comey either. For them, power and prestige count, but doing the right thing for the right reason at the right time doesn’t. It never has, and it never will. For them, when the going gets tough, you can’t count on them to stand up and be truthful, regardless of the consequences. Instead, you can count on them to lie and to leak. This is what they do because it is who they are.
This creates a significant problem for the American people, however. When you cannot count on the leadership of the FBI to be straightforward and truthful, which we never could under the leadership of McCabe or Comey, it’s no wonder that our secret police are corrupt. It’s predictable.
McCabe is concerned about his pension and with getting Trump—not with his dereliction of duty at the FBI. The morally-relative leftwing media may feel sorry for this despicable, shameful miscreant, but I do not—Comey either. Do You?

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