Don’t Worry About A Thing

by Robin Alcala

And this happened…

Elijah confronted Ahab. Any time you confront the control freaks, the bullies, the meanies, the evil people or evil things in your life, habits, issues and mindsets…things are going to happen.

In 1 Kings 17, Elijah told Ahab, “It’s not going to rain unless I say otherwise.” You actually hold the power to speak life over the droughts in your life. You can also can keep blessings and provision back by failing to speak life filled words. “What you say can preserve or destroy life; so, then you must accept the consequences of your words.”

On another note, if a prophet is always confronting, then he is nothing more than a religious bully. Jeremiah 1:10 states that, “A prophet will build up and plant as well uproot and tear down.”

There’s a time to confront and a time to just leave something alone. Also, there’s a time to be bold and a time to retreat. In Elijah’s situation, a time to run and hide if need be. There’s a time to stick your neck out for someone, and a time to go into self-preservation mode.

Once, I ran into a sticky situation trying to help a broken youth who was addicted and bound to his choices and habits. Since Satan guards his property, his children will do likewise. So, I went to the Lord regarding it and asked how to handle it. I wasn’t trying to be a spiritual Wonder Woman or seeking hero-hood, my heart was greatly filled with compassion for this hurting individual. God replied, “You are not anyone’s Savior, nor are you anyone’s judge. This is not your purpose.” Such interesting words for someone who had some past tendencies to carry a false sense of responsibility!

Truth is, you can’t help everybody, but you can help the people that you are called to. Actually, a step outside of your call could possibly shorten your life. King David frequently inquired, “Do I confront and fight, or should I leave well enough alone?” There will be those times you are to just leave it alone. Some situations may not afford you the time to vacillate or procrastinate a decision. It is wise to pick your battles wisely lest it cost you dearly.

Also, you can’t concern yourself with the opinion of others. Elijah was a mighty man of God hiding! God had told him, “Get out of here and fast. Head East and hide out.” You may recall that David who was a biblical John Wayne ran and hid from Saul literally for years. Had he concerned himself regarding his image, he would not have lived to fulfill his destiny!

Yes, the righteous are bold as a lion. But a live dog is better than a dead lion!”

In verse two, God instructed Elijah to go to a brook and that the ravens would feed him. Now the happy campers would say, “How cool is that!” But those of us who are more like Lisa on Green Acres, may find that completely appalling! Ravens generally eat fruit, berries and grains. But they are also omnivores, which means they eat both animals and plants. Most ravens eat the dead bodies of other animals. Hunters may view this as some conquered prey, but I imagine this scene as grotesque ravens simply scavenging! Sometimes, your provision may come from a mean raven who wants to peck your eyes out day after day! But it’s best not to bite the hand that feeds you!

Well, Elijah’s water supply eventually dried up. When you experience a dry season in your finances, your relationship with God, or find yourself in any sort of drought, those are often the occasions you will find that God is seeking to catch your attention. Instead of cursing the dry seasons, embrace them with anticipation. Because often, what you are going through is not all about you anyway.

It was during a time of lack that Elijah got some very specific directives that altered the course of not only his life but others as well. Your provision and prosperity is linked to God’s directives, such as your locality and divine connections. Obediently, Elijah got up and went. Always follow God’s instructions if you want His best.

God spoke, “Get up and go to Zarephath and live there. I’ve instructed a widow to feed you there.” Now, hold it right there! So, his provision was going to come through a widow who was probably on a small fixed income? Well, yours may also come through what looks quite the opposite of what may even seem reasonable.

As he entered the village, by just a mere coincidence he met the widow! Then like any hungry man, he asked her for something to eat. She replied, I only have a little biscuit.” I personally would have said, “I don’t like biscuits, do you happen to have a croissant?”

She finished with, “And after we eat our last supper I guess we will probably starve to death.”

Elijah answered, “Don’t worry about a thing.” Now… you’ve got to be kidding! Have you ever gone to the Word while all of Goliath’s family was ganging up on you, only to have God say to you, “Don’t worry about a thing?”

Elijah continued, “Go ahead and make me the biscuit first, then make yourself and your son one if there is anything left over.” That would have infuriated most good mothers! He said, “This is the word of the Lord, “Your provision will not run out.” Amazingly, she did not angrily rail at him, “You ‘Profits!’ All you ever want is our money!” Instead, she immediately followed God’s instructions. And because she did, everything turned out exactly as she was promised.

When you are facing tough times, remember that this promise belongs to all of God’s children who trust in Him. So, don’t worry about a thing! Because God’s got supernatural provision in store for you!

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