Dream Trip 2017 Take-Aways

by Lance Wallnau


Here are nuggets from one of the three days of extraordinary breakthrough we experienced. Feel free to swipe my notes!

1. We have entered a time when all hell is manifesting to resist and break down the spiritual “reset” over America. Now more than ever the people of God must break out. We seek a move of God and God is seeking a move of His people – to engage the strongholds shaping nations. God wants to break out thru His people. It is time.

2. This means that you are being called to “transition” into an upgraded identity and assignment. Even the mistakes of the past will serve your new mission because you’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. God is causing all things to work together for you.

3. The greatest enemy to the next stage is the lingering doubts and ungodly beliefs the enemy hurls in your face to challenge your true spiritual identity.

4. God wants you to invite Him into the center of your deepest struggle. He is intent on visiting the places where you feel desolate. It is time for you to challenge that voice in your head that militates against your upgrade. God has already spoken. It is the time for YOU to agree with what God has said and BECOME THE VOICE that dominates your inner man.

5. Your “desires” have been shaped by God – the Holy Spirit “has been at work in you to both will and to do His good pleasure.” Stop questioning your vision and passion and begin to articulate it proclaiming it with absolute 100% certainty! It sets in motion the force of faith and favor to align your steps with divine appointments.

6. Learning to walk in love and learning to connect with other people at a powerful level is a skill you can master if you allow unconditional acceptance to fill you. Your relationships house your harvest. Get your own “internal dialogue” under control and God will begin to speak to you and thru you to touch others in unprecedented ways.

7. You cannot dispossess a level 10 devil if you’re operating a level 8 identity. You are a winner and not a loser and you have what it takes to do the thing God has called you to do. Let the battles you encounter in “transition” serve you by surfacing the lies you are listening to. Your “state” reveals your internal dialogue. Settle for nothing less than righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost because that is what you have access to. At any moment YOU have the power to shift to “warrior” or “lover” by the power of Gods indwelling Spirit.

8. “Convergence” is the place where your gifts, talents and acquired skills intersect with a “role” that releases you to the assignment God created you to fulfill. “Joy” is the characteristic of this move of God. You can access joy during periods of contradiction if you know that what you’re going through is temporary and only serving to expand your capacity for the next level. Happiness is dependent on the situation. Joy is independent of the situation and connects you to the future you are materializing thru your endurance. Hence, “for the joy that was set before Him, Jesus endured the cross.”

9. Every person is driven by certain needs, namely, a need for significance, variety, connection or certainty. If God gave you a significance drive it is because He designed you to do something significant. The problem is not your drive, the problem is sanctifying your drive so that love has mastered it. You do this by discovering the power of “contribution” – unselfish giving of yourself to meet someone else’s need. If you have a “significance” drive but deny it or fail to sanctify it thru contribution you come off as inauthentic.

10. Any time you meet all four needs (significance, certainty, variety, and connection) you will form an addiction – positive or negative. Make your addictions serve you. Become addicted to that which builds your life in the Spirit. Add these two things in particular: “contribution” and “growth” and they will transform your drives into fuel for your quest.

11. People will always put more energy into avoiding what causes them pain than pursuing what fulfills their vision. The gift you need is “self-awareness” – the ability to catch yourself compromising and procrastinating on the tough choices.

12. Your gifts, talents and acquired skills tell you “how” you will do your destiny. This is your slingshot. Your passions, desires and repeated dreams and longings tell you “what” your destiny is calling you toward. That’s your harp. Your talent tells you what you can be best in the world at. This is connecting to DOING. It’s your slingshot. Your passion tells you where your gifts, when applied will give you the most joy. This is connected to your BEING. The harp is the instrument of intimacy with God. Each of us has our own way of communing and connecting with God. Practice, practice, practice with your harp and your slingshot and you will slay your lion of ungodly beliefs, your bear of procrastination and excuse-making, and your giant of fear!

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