Energy Independence

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: The last time the United States was energy independent 

was during World War II. Now, under 
President Trump’s leadership, we have
become the world’s greatest supplier of energy, with the benefits of Anwar and the Keystone Pipeline yet to figure into the equation. Trump is responsible for all of this—not the anti-energy buffoon, Barack Obama.
Nevertheless, the media has made it seem like this is no big deal, or it is a terrible accomplishment because of their nonsensical fixation with climate change. By being energy independent, Trump has ensured that America will remain the world’s dominant power and not be surpassed by China for at least the next generation. This is huge!
That this feat has not been given the credit it deserves is staggering, but it’s not entirely the media’s fault. The messaging from Trump’s staff should point to this accomplishment repeatedly, going so far as to create a 30-second commercial explaining what it does for us economically and for our leadership in the world. Regardless, we need to point out this accomplishment consistently and repeatedly.

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