Every RUSSIAN CONSPIRACY Instigator Must Be Brought to Justice

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: There are many who believe this is a time to seek peace with those who have pushed the Russian Collusion narrative for nearly three years. Their reasoning is what good can come from being vengeful. Instead, this is a time for us to be brought together—for domestic tranquility to be restored.
This sounds good, but it lacks merit. Here’s the reason why. Behind the entire narrative are a group of people who perpetrated this entire hoax. These people had an agenda. It was to nullify the 2016 Presidential Election by driving President Trump from office, vilifying him as a traitor when he was an innocent man.
This cannot stand. It cannot be allowed to simply go away. Those behind this fraud knew it was a fraud from day one. Nevertheless, they have been perfectly willing to tear this nation apart to achieve their goal. When Mueller delivered his report, 42 percent of Americans believed President Trump was a traitor, when he is the exact opposite. That so many people believe something this false shows how effective this attempted coup has been.
For our nation to heal, truly heal, we cannot simply brush this aside and move on. For justice to be restored, for people to once again have faith in the institutions of our democratic republic, especially with the Department of Justice and the FBI, these people must be held accountable. They must be brought before a grand jury, indicted, tried, and imprisoned.
Justice demands that this should be our course of action, even if it takes us into the Oval Office of President Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama. All of this mischief, every bit of it, originated while he was President. It happened during his watch. In my opinion, this traitorous conspiracy could not have occurred without some measure of his support and blessing. We do not know the answer about where ground zero was for this cabal, not yet, but we must discover it. Justice demands it, not vengeance, justice.

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