EVIDENCE of A Criminal Conspiracy to Frame Trump and Exonerate Hillary Has Surfaced

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Yesterday, another piece to the entire Russian Collusion puzzle fit into place. This piece had to do with exonerating Hillary from being criminally indicted.
When Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) released the testimony of FBI Chief Counsel, James Baker, evidence of the FBI’s and DOJ’s commitment to not charge Hillary became crystal clear. That the law was not followed where Hillary was concerned can no longer be maintained legitimately by anybody.
When FBI Director James Comey gave his speech about Hillary just before July 4th, 2016, he said that “no reasonable prosecutor” would charge Hillary. This was a lie, of course, but now it can be demonstrated that it was a lie. Chief Council Baker, based on the evidence presented to him, maintained that Hillary “should be indicted.” This man was the FBI’s number one lawyer. In his testimony, he said that he was talked out of his position by others at the FBI.
Based on this, it is clear that a reasonable prosecutor did want to charge Hillary but was not allowed to by his peers—all of whom were committed to disregard her crimes in hopes that she would be elected President. Clearly, the fix had been set.
It seems like we learn more each day about the cabal to clear Hillary, while simultaneously falsely-charging Donald Trump with fictitious crimes. This sinister attempt to nullify the 2016 Presidential Election is treasonous, and each of these Deep State felons must be brought to justice and imprisoned for their crimes. No other alternative is acceptable.

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