Fatherless In America

by Jackie Carpenter

The Christian View
“Taking today’s hot topics and weighing them against the Word of God; because God does have a view”!

There are kids growing up today with a higher risk of Incarceration/Youth Suicide/Behavioral Disorders/High school Dropouts/Confused Identity/and Living in Poverty – why are they at high risk? – Because Dad picked up his bags and walked out – leaving the children in a Fatherless Home.

72% of Americans say this has become a huge epidemic in our country. 44% of America’s children are being raised in mother-only families. 57.6% of black children, 31.2% of Hispanic Children and 20.7% of white children are living absent their biological fathers this is the US – how about 64.3 million across the Nation.

Fifteen million US children or 1 in 3 live in a home without a Father. Some say the Church is the answer – Mentors need to step-in and become extended to families to these children who no longer have fathers.

My opinion based on the Word of God is this: All you single Mom’s – there is a Man you can invite into your home who will never pack up and walk out! He will come along beside you as a Co-Parent to your children. He will provide a safe place and security within your home. He will make sure your child becomes a standard and not a statistic – His name is Jesus. Jesus says “I will never leave thee or forsake thee”.

If only our dads would become the Spiritual Leaders that God called them to be. Dad, if your considering walking out – please walk to the Church House first – bow your knees before the Lord and seek His Face. He can turn your circumstances around. And HE WANTS TO!

Psalm 91 – Go Into Your Secret Place
Jackie Carpenter

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