FEINSTEIN’S Evil & Serpentine Plot to Destroy Judge Kavanaugh

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: With the Christine Blazey Ford accusation against Judge Kavanaugh, there are two relevant issues. One, is the woman herself. Who is she? How credible is she? And, how emotionally and psychologically stable is she?
Second, and far more troubling, is the role of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and her staff. Can there be any explanation for the way she handled this situation, other than it being a deliberate, calculated hit-job, aimed at keeping Judge Kavenaugh off of the Supreme Court, regardless of what would be required to do so? I don’t believe there is.
Feinstein actions reveal her to be a deeply devious woman—as nefarious as she can possibly be. But, what would Feinstein need to do to pull off a stunt like this? How would you go about destroying a good man with a false accusation, or a false memory?
First, you would keep your plan to yourself and not even share it with other Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. Since at least two of them, Corey Booker and Kamala Harris, are running for President in 2020, you couldn’t trust them to keep quiet about your plan. So, like a coiled serpent, you would wait until the hearings were complete. Then, you would strike, while carefully camouflaging your motives.
Second, meticulous planning with Christine Blazey Ford would be necessary for your evil plan to work. She would need to pass a polygraph test, but you would have to make sure there was no scrutiny of the questions could be asked. Then, you would have to hire a lawyer for Christine, but only a trusted Democrat, known for being sleazy, would work. Both of these things would need to be in place well before the Kavanaugh hearings, and they were. Both were accomplished in August.
Third, to make Ford’s story credible, her hatred for President Trump would need to be expunged from the public record. To do this, Christine Blazey Ford’s social media presence would need to deleted, and it has been—at least as far as Feinstein’s team has been able to do so.
Fourth, a big show of Ford’s reluctance to come forward would need to be made. It would provide cover for the woman and also for Feinstein, who has positioned herself as being noble and honorable about all of this, when in reality, she has been the exact opposite.
Fifth, all of this would have to be done with lightning speed—the hallmark of a snake attack. The victim, Judge Kavanaugh, would need to be bitten before he knows what had happened to him. Then, and only then, could the poison do its deadly work.
What Feinstein cannot control, however, is the response of people like us on the Internet, along with what we are able to discover about Christine Blazey Ford on our own. Despite her social media presence being deleted, we have already learned a lot about this troubled woman. In just one day, we know Ford is a radical leftist who hates Trump. We also know her family has ties with Fusion GPS, the outfit responsible for the discredited Steele Dossier. We also know that Ford was not Snow White in high school and college—far from it.
Then, what do we still need to know? We need to know what medications she is on. We also need to know what her peers have to say about her credibility—from high school to today. What about all of her ex-lovers? What do they have to say about her.
Like you, I want some real investigative reporting, even if I have to do it myself. Because Ford and Feinstein are attempting to destroy a good man through false witness, neither is worthy of being treated with respect.

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