First Man’s Big Mistake

by Jack Watts

While I was in graduate school at Baylor and Emory, I wrote many papers, some of which were published in scholarly journals. Nearly all involved different periods of American history. Each was scrutinized mercilessly by my peers, and I had to defend every word I wrote.
During seminars, the worst error any graduate student could make was to exercise in historical revisionism. That’s when you reinterpret past events based on your political or religious perspective, rather than explain the worldview of the participants from their perspective. If even a hint of revisionism was detected, the scolding the presenter received was worse than what the media does to President Trump. Trust me; it was brutal.
That being said, for the producers of “First Man” to leave the planting of the American flag out of the movie about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon was an egregious error of historical revisionism. Because the producers are globalists, they left the planting of the American flag out of the movie, even though it was of monumental historical significance. They chose to revise history to show it from a globalist perspective, rather than allow the actual events to speak for themselves.
This is not only wrong historically, but it will also cost them a fortune. The backlash from reinterpreting events to leave out American patriotism will limit the size of their audience appreciably. If you think I’m mistaken about this, just wait and see. Their historical inaccuracy will cost them big time.

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