Fresh Ruach on Kingdom Marriages

Fresh Ruach on Kingdom Marriages

Appointed Mantles and Horses Released

Purity in waiting has encamped around you for such a time as this.

You have stood waiting and camping in your tent, veiled from the world for many years, with a wilderness of still hope and anticipation.

Visions of My glory have brought forth the promised land inside of you and around you.

Though it has been both an embattled, yet glorious time, My greater glory will suddenly sweep across your heart, granting and dispersing My mandate — the fulfillment of what I have shown you in previous seasons. You will have what I have said is good, My beloved, My faithful one who has waited on Me. See now My salvation in this manner — the salvation of all things holy and righteous pertaining to union and marriage.

No, I have not forgotten nor have I tarried. My appointed time is sacred truth as sure as I am God. I cannot lie for I am your God. What I have shown you must come because it was I Who placed these visions inside you.

Believe, and trust now for what I have spoken and revealed in your dreams.

Hearken unto Me: My marriages are coming! My marriages are coming!

For I have sent My fire on those whom I have veiled for this coming reception, to keep them from what was not meant for them — for a time. Yet, I come now with My heavenly host to arrange marriages which carry the uniform mantle to drive out regional and territorial strongholds.

Horses have been dispatched to My holy unions to bear movements across lands and waters. This is not just a ministry I have with these mighty marriages, but a movement. My horses come to those who have consistently used their swords wisely and held up their torches unashamedly.

Now, receive your one — your radiant one. Adhere this marriage I have predestined for you into My Vine. This marriage must abide in the Vine just as you have abided in the vine. Inside My sweet Vine, My presence will cover this union perfectly. No weapon of warfare will stand as you move through it.

My holy marriages will cause shaking in the land and impart healing and deliverance among those in despair. This love will conquer all adversaries and provoke shifting inside My marriages that have been in lack of Me. There is no marriage without My covering! Be of like mind and seek Me. You are no longer two, but one: one force that puts ten thousand to flight. Do not take My instruction lightly. Bind it around the neck of your union, for I desire to bless and favor you for the purpose of My glory.

As you receive through My Vine, listen to Me. Hear Me. Know Me. My fullness is sure in this expansive place. Expansion is sure.

My marriages will see and hear in unison like a beautiful dance. They will know — with the mind of Jesus the Christ — what I am doing and what My plans are. My Holy Spirit will shelter them and prosper them just as their souls prosper together. A fresh Ruach will I breathe on them as they come together in worship at the throne.

There, at My throne, they will be given all things they need and desire, and they — as one — will know a closeness and intimacy with Me that will scatter the enemy seven ways. They will raise the trumpet and My host will help them. They will be radiant and know My righteousness, joy, and peace in My Holy Spirit.

They will have victory in every single battle. No, not even one battle will they lose.

They will send ships out into the uncharted deep to reach all who have been awaiting intimacy with Me.

They will blaze forth an all-consuming fire and the enemy will run at the sight of their approaching.

My kingdom marriages will trample serpents and lions.

My kingdom marriages always hear Me.


For Those Waiting

Expect My coming bridegroom.

Expect My coming bride.

Expect them, all you who seek to not war any longer without your partner, for I do have them with Me.

I do have them. I have prepared them. I have kept them hidden in the cleft of the rock for such a time as this, and suddenly they will be unveiled.

Listen. Be in purity standing in My secret place. Don’t give the enemy a foothold to divert you from My appointed marriage. Remaining pure in Me will draw them to you.

Again, hear My words: remaining pure in Me will draw them to you.

They are close. Pray and expect their arrival. I will see to it that you know them when you see them, if you abide in Me and My words abide in you.

Have joy now. Behold My beauty now. It won’t be long, My faithful one. You will meet them in the field while waiting on Me. You will recognize them and rejoice. Your heart will leap as they are drawn to you. You will praise Me in a new octave as you see and receive My revealed, promised one. Do not doubt My goodness in this way. Only believe and pray in faithfulness.


For the Married or Soon-To-Be Married

Come boldly before My throne as one. Encounter Me as one.

Remain in purity of heart together, before Me.

Receive together in spirit and in truth at My throne. Be in love with Me and with one another.

Submit yourselves one to another: see yourself holding the other higher than yourself.

Be saturated in My Holy Spirit, dream dreams, and watch for visions of what I am instructing and purposing inside of this union of Mine. It is Mine.

You will have more than enough to carry out My plans — abundant and overflowing. My glory is on this marriage. My glory is seen through this union in even in a dark battle.

Your love for one another will magnify My name. You will dismantle strategies of the enemy by unifying together in Me. I am blessing those marriages that hold Me close with great favor.

Run to Me as one when temptation from another comes. I have raised a standard against the adversary that means to harm what I have fashioned as My own.

Remove the foxes out of your garden so Our intimacy may be made full.

Gaze on one another in My love. Spend time in love. Be in My love.

This love destroys the yokes.

Be careful to speak only words of blessing over one another.


* * * *


My fresh Ruach I have breathed on you. My new mantles have been appropriated and I have steered My horses of movement to My unions. You will do great and mighty exploits together as one in My name.

Souls saved will be your joy, healing the hurting will be your food, and deliverance for those in bondage will be your bronzed-serpent trophies.

Reign with Me, My mighty remnant.

Come up to My mountain, My beautiful bride. 

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