Fulfilling The Cultural Commission


by Alan Kelso

Over the past twenty years, God has been strategically rallied incognito leaders.  Men and women imbedded within the cultures of this world, who would gain positions of prominence, unknowingly being prepared, by God, to become leaders of the CULTURAL COMMISSION. 

Leaders unaware that they were being fashioned by God to reclaim occupied territory.  Many of these, as they were being prepared and elevated to these positions, were not Born Again; but would soon be fashioned into the image of Christ for the purpose of calling out, to the Church, to re-engage into the Cultures of this World and fulfill the Commission of Christ.

This year 2017, in the Gregorian Calendar, is actually the year 5777 in the Hebcal or Jewish Calendar.  This has been addressed previously and will continue to be expanded, over the course of this year, but for now I want to re-enforce the theme that “THIS IS THE YEAR OF SUPERNATURAL GRACE, THE YEAR OF THE ABUNDANCE OF FAVOR; FOR THE PURPOSE OF ENGAGING, WHAT WILL BE, THE CLASHING OF THE SWORDS WITHIN THE HEAVENLY’S” ~Alan Kelso.

From before the beginning of creation the plan of God was, that the developing society, would manifest His glory.  From day one thru day five God created the universe. On the sixth day, He created man. with the intent, that man act as agents of His ongoing work.  From that point forward, creation, would expand upon the earth as a social and cultural society: mankind reflecting the image, exercising dominion, obeying the commandment of God to fill and subdue the earth.    

However, as a result of the fall, the cultures of this world no longer manifested the plan of God.

Over time, Agents of Change have been raised up by God to impact their society, with the effect of rendering pockets of cultures and society. that were changed.  Men and women such as Daniel, Joseph, Esther, Nehemiah affected their cities, nations, cultures and were granted immense favor to affect change.

But there was no vehicle in which Grace could transform the heart of man until Jesus.  His death upon the Cross, resurrection and ascension to the right hand, of the throne of God, provided the means where atonement could take place, as his blood provided a covering for the sin of mankind.  A covering, for those who would accept salvation and receive forgiveness who would then walk in His righteousness and thus be charged with once again impacting the world.

Over the last century the emphasis, within the institutional Church, has been on the Great Commission.  Winning the Lost, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church has taught men and women the principles of this new life which we have charged to do. However, we have neglected the Commission to impact the very fiber of our Society.  To be agents of change to the very culture we live in. 

This is the time, the year, the very day when we, as the Church must rise up.  The Great Commission and the Cultural Commission are inseparable.  Every part of creation came from the hand of God and every part of society was affected by the mutiny of humanity against God.  However, every part of society shall be redeemed. 

This redemption is not a future act of the return of Christ, referred to as the Millennial Reign of Christ, where every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.  A time where we rule and reign on earth. Rather it is a call to the Salt of the Earth to fulfill its Purpose or Commission TODAY. 

The tremendous immorality of our day, the alien philosophies hostile to the principles of God, who have hijacked every segment of our culture, from the Court House, to the Penthouse; engulfs our society.  Gay marriage, an oxymoron that undermines the foundational institutions of society, the attempting to institute a third criteria for male or female by imposing a yet “to be determined” and the teaching within our educational systems that these life styles are an acceptable and natural evolving of humanity, the creation of life in man’s image (cloning), abortion, terrorism driven by religious extremists, and defining war as a “just war” in an age of terror.  These are but a few areas where, as a result of neglecting the Cultural Commission, we see the effects of culture devoid of the principles by which this world was created.  The failure of fulfilling the Culture Commission as a command of God.

But this is not the end!  We are on the brink of a move of God, where you and I, are being given Grace, Supernatural Favor, Gifting’s and Empowerment to use the tools that leaders, who do not realize who they are but are still incognito, have created and placed before us, platforms where we can affect the cultures of influence: Government, Education, Media, the Arts including every segment of Hollywood, Business, the Family as well as the Church.

There will be clashing, a warring in the atmosphere, false rumors and accusations; but we are going to behold a move of God that envelops  the earth.  This is not a creation of heaven on earth, this is an impacting of the earth in such a manner that no one shall be able to say, “I Never Knew”. 



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  2. Mrs. William on February 16, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    A word that is much needed to be heard.
    Every knee shall ? bow, no one is exempt!

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