Militant Progressives are not going to change. They will not listen to reason; they cannot be persuaded; and they’ll never admit when they’ve wrong. Despite embracing personal lifestyles that are depraved, they consider themselves to be morally and intellectually superior to ordinary people like you and me. From their perspective, laws are to restrain people like us, but should never be applicable to them.


They are committed to their belief system. Because it is so deeply-engrained in them, it is my opinion that God has turned them over to depraved minds. Their Progressive deception is hardwired into their souls. To reach out to them is a waste of time and can have very painful consequences. Their sting is as poisonous as an asp.


Putting this group aside, there are millions of other Americans who hold some Progressive positions but are not beyond reach. These are the people we need to pursue. They are not anti-God, anti-American and anti-restraint. Being somewhere in the middle, they are redeemable, but they definitely do not want platitudes or anything that smells of self-righteousness shoved down their throats. Who can blame them? So, what do we do? How do we proceed with them? Here’s my suggestion.


Centuries ago, St. Francis of Assisi said we should witness for Christ a thousand times a day and occasionally use words. His message was clear, precise, and accurate. It’s because of our beliefs that we are pro-family, pro-life and pro-USA. This is not only who we are, but it is also who we want to be. Our beliefs are as hardwired into our DNA as degeneracy is into Progressivism.


We are different than others or, at least, we are supposed to be. We are expected be different from those around us. This difference should be real, tangible, and recognizable. It shouldn’t be because we are religious but because we display Christ-like qualities. If we don’t display them, then we need to change who we are before we seek to change others.


Remember, St Francis’ admonition was for all of us—not just for a few saintly, otherworldly believers. Being Christ-like should be our normal Christian experience.

Daily, we should display estimable character qualities—not because we fake them but because they are real. Specifically, we are called to be loving, joyful, peaceful, patience, kind, faithful and gentle. In the face of adversity, instead of burning buildings and attacking people like the Progressives, we are called to be long-suffering and maintain self-control.


Exhibiting the Fruit of God’s Spirit is what makes us good Ambassadors for Christ, and it’s what we want others to recognize in our lives. The nine-character qualities are what differentiate us from others, and each can be developed through walking with the Lord, buy it’s always a journey, a daily walk. It’s never an end.

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