by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: It’s time to make lemonade. If I was one of Trump’s advisors, I would make the following suggestions, and encourage him to implement this strategy immediately.
1. While walking by the press, as he so often does, the President should stop and say that he wants to clarify what he said in Helsinki. Trump should say, “Yes, I am convinced that the Russians hacked the DNC and meddled in our 2016 election. They have been doing things like this long before the Internet was invented by Al Gore—all the way back to Stalin and Beria in the 1930s.”
2. “At the same time, corrupt officials at the FBI like Strzok, and at the Department of Justice like former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, laid the groundwork for the Mueller investigation, which is a witch hunt that has hurt our nation. I never colluded with anybody.”
3. “All of the tampering was done on Obama’s watch—not mine—but to ensure that it doesn’t happen in the 2018 midterms, I am creating an independent commission to keep tabs on what is going on. It will be headed by Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence.”
“On this committee will be the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the ranking Democrat, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the ranking Democrat. I will ask that the RNC and the DNC appoint a person of their own choosing to report any tampering to the committee, which will have the full investigative support of the FBI.”
“If any Russian interference is discovered in any election in the United States, then I will pick up the phone and call Vladimir Putin personally and address the matter immediately. If tampering is verified, the sanctions I will impose on Russia will be crippling, or on any other nation doing the same thing. This has got to stop, and it’s going to stop on my watch.”
In my opinion, this is necessary and will turn things around for the President.

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