by Jack Watts

I AM NOT ASHAMED—EXCERPT: Progressives are constantly apologizing for America. Because we have used and abused others, according to them, they believe it is our responsibility to make reparations for every real or perceived injustice that exists in the world today. Because they believe it is our distorted belief in God that is at the root of all of America’s criminality over the centuries, it’s perfectly logical for them to boo God at the Democratic National Convention. In the minds of those who participated, what they did was not disrespectful at all. On the contrary, it was the only ethical, logical, and moral thing for them to do.
For Progressives, God, or at least the God of Conservative American Christians like us, is the enemy of all that is good, just, and fair in the world. Therefore, opposing God, and every vestige of His existence in our society, is something all decent Progressives are committed to accomplishing, although some are less strident about it than others.
As patriotic Americans and committed Christians, in addition to being continuously shocked, saddened, outraged, and appalled by the actions of the Progressives, we have been more confused by their worldview than anything else. To us, it’s inconceivable that any American would want to dishonor God. That Progressives consider such disrespect to be moral is mind-boggling.
To us, they have lost their way, and their reprobate belief system is decidedly ungodly and un-American. Because the Progressive worldview is hostile to God and to Christianity, we have come to disrespect them just as much as they have come to loathe us. Having had enough of their hostile contempt for our values and for our American heritage, we have begun to fight back, but we have been doing so on their terms, not on ours.
This has been a mistake. Instead of recognizing this for what it is, a spiritual battle, we argue with them, based on their sensory perception of reality. Essentially, by remaining in a constant state of anxiety and turmoil, based on the abusiveness of Progressives, we have failed to enter God’s rest and allow the Holy Spirit to fight the battle for us. Although the Scriptures assure us that greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world, we think and act as if it is the exact opposite. Again, this is a mistake.

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