How Deep Does the Classified Documents Scandal Go?

The Leftist media and the Democratic Party are doing everything in their considerable power to portray the emerging Biden scandal, where he illegally took classified documents, as being nothing more than a “gotcha” moment orchestrated by the Republicans. Essentially, the Leftist position is that, since they embarrassed Trump by raiding Mar-a-Lago with stormtroopers, then to get even the Republicans are trying to humiliate President Biden in exactly the same way. This explanation makes sense and is very easy for simplistic Americans to comprehend.


Plus, it has the added value of making the Republicans seem petty, mean-spirited and vengeful. Millions are destined to accept this explanation as the gospel truth, but is it accurate? Or, is something far more sinister happening that is just coming to light? I suspect the latter, but I’ll let you decide.


At the core of everything is the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. When Vice President Biden left office in 2017, the University of Pennsylvania made him an honorary professor with a salary of $1 million annually, but Ole Joe didn’t have to do anything to earn the money. He never taught a class. Instead, the university established the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. Just as soon as this became an entity, the Chinese invested $55 million into the University of Pennsylvania.


Essentially, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) paid for everything at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. The CCP was not only busy compromising the University of Pennsylvania, it was also engaged in influencing university campuses throughout the United States. What the CCP was doing became so troubling that the FBI launched a massive counter-terror investigation, targeting the Chinese. It was quite effective.


Because it was, this became a real problem for the CCP, who are intent on gaining control of the narrative about what college students are being taught about communism. Since the University of Pennsylvania had already been thoroughly compromised, being bought and paid for by the CCP, over 150 members of the faculty were tasked with signing a petition saying that what the FBI was doing should be condemned as being “racist,” because it was targeting Asians.


Thoroughly intimidated by this petition, Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered the shutdown of the entire FBI investigation into China’s influence on American campuses, giving the CCP unfettered access to do as they pleased. Was this a treasonous act by the Attorney General? I don’t think so. He’s just a weak man who is easily influenced. Nevertheless, the damage has been done.


Because the scandal over Biden having classified documents has continued to grow, Garland has been forced to appoint a Special Counsel. Will this independent investigation be a sham, or will it have teeth? Will the issue of Biden accepting funds from China, via Hunter Biden, be part of the investigation? It should be, but I’m not certain that it will. Will the Penn Biden Center’s collusion with the CCP be exposed? It should be, but I don’t know about that either. What I do know is that this classified document scandal is far more significant than a simple “gotcha” moment.