by Jack Watts

I AM NOT ASHAMED—Excerpt: As patriotic Christians, we take the law of the land seriously. We believe the Constitution is the foundation upon which our democracy stands, and we know that the rule of law is fundamental to who we are as a people. Nobody is above the law. For us, these values are deeply held. Along with our Christian commitment, they are basic to our foundational convictions.
For Progressives, on the other hand, they do not believe any of our values and beliefs are valid or true—quite the contrary. To them, there is no such thing as an inalienable right. The very idea is absurd and laughably ridiculous. It’s an anachronism of the eighteenth century. They scoff at the concept of “self-evident truths.” To them, our founding father’s concept of inalienable rights represents nothing more than a failed experiment of the past. Our heritage is one of exploitation of indigenous people. Essentially, Progressives believe we stole the land from its rightful owners, and there is nothing noble about what our founding fathers accomplished.
For a Progressive, their perspective is the only legitimate way to view history. Because they see reality correctly and we don’t, this makes them enlightened, while we are unenlightened. Their view of American history is the only accurate one. To them, the only value for studying history is to learn how to make amends for the sins of our founding fathers, which also means there is no value in learning from our founder’s wisdom.

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