ILHAN OMAR: The New darling of the Democratic Party

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Meet the most important Congresswoman of the Democrat Party. Move over Nancy Pelosi; Ilhan Omar has arrived, and she will not sit in the back and be quiet. Instead, she is fully intent on proclaiming her Jew-hating radical Muslim positions, while simultaneously claiming to be a victim of oppression.
Petite and pretty, with a colorful wardrobe and headdress, Omar was nearly sanctioned for her antisemitism, but her supporters, which include Senators Harris and Warren, have consistently come to her defense. Yesterday’s vote in the House, which was watered-down so much that it was meaningless, shows just how much powerful this Muslim woman really is, as she spews hatful Muslim ideology with impunity.
Neither Pelosi nor any other Democrat can control her, but this does not mean the American people embrace Omar’s twisted Muslim worldview. We do not, nor do we support her anti-Israel positions. The Democrats may not be strong enough to stand up to her, but we certainly are. If President Obama had not settled so many Somali refugees in MN, we would never have been subjected to someone like Omar, but he did—fool that Obama was.

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