INFANTICIDE—The Left’s New Barbarism

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: In ancient Rome, if a woman had a child she did not want, she would take the infant into the hills and abandon it to die of exposure. In fact, according to Roman law and custom, parents could do this until the child reached the age of two.
This barbaric practice was so horrific to the early Christian church in Rome that they opposed it adamantly. This created a great deal of tension in Roman society, but early Christians stuck to their belief that this practice was murder.
Eventually, because the Christians were right, the practice was abandoned—no pun intended. It’s also one of the main reasons why Christianity grew dramatically during the first century.
Now, in the twenty-first century, with the laws once again beginning to support infanticide, Christians, and others of faith, face the same situation. Will we stand strong for the rights of full-term babies, or will we allow barbarism to once again rear its ugly head and dominate our society?
In early Rome, Christians were strong men and women of faith. Are we as strong and resilient as they were, or will we demure, in order to be considered more tolerant of the prevailing culture? Will we remain firm in our convictions, or will we allow the vitriol of the Radical Left to cow us into submission? The answer should be clear, but it isn’t.

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