IRANIAN ATTACK Was a Trap to Ensnare Trump into Fruitless War

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: The Iranians chose to shoot down our unmanned drone rather than the reconnaissance plane that had a crew of twenty. Both were vulnerable to attack.
Why would Iran do this? Why not attack both? After all, killing infidels is sport for the Iranians. They do it everyday throughout the Middle east and beyond.
I think I know, but this is just my opinion. I don’t know for certain—let me be clear about this. The following is my opinion only.
Former Secretary of State, John Kerry, has been providing counsel to the Iranians ever since Trump has been President. In his counsel, telling the mullahs to attack a drone instead of a manned plane is precisely the type of thing Kerry would suggest. I don’t know that he did this specifically, but I do believe he is capable of being this treacherous.
Like Obama, Jarrett, Hillary, and others, Kerry is pro-Iran and anti-Israel. The uranium the Iranians have comes from the Russian deal Hillary cut to sell our uranium, and the money for the Iranian weapons comes from the $150 billion Obama provided them by spiriting it away in the middle of the night. So, we paid for the missile that shot down our drone.
After mulling over what happened for a few days, here is what I think. The Iranians were counseled to attack the drone for one purpose—to have Trump drag us into another fruitless Middle Eastern war. The Iranians would suffer in the short end but, in the long run, it would keep Trump from being reelected in 2020. At least, this was their supposition. Without Trump, the Iranians would be back on track to build nuclear weapons to attack Israel.
At least, this is what the end game for the attack was. Essentially, in foreign policy, this was like the perjury trap Trump avoided by not testifying in person before the Mueller team. The Iranians, with the counsel of Kerry and others, tried to provoke Trump into taking the bait, but he wisely chose not to. Now, if the Iranians attack again, not even Trump’s harshest critics can denounce him as being a warmonger for responding with force.
This was a setup. I can’t prove it, but I’m sure it was. Trump’s enemies—like John Kerry—will do anything, including putting American lives in harm’s way, just to get rid of him. Once again, however, they have failed, haven’t they? Trump has outsmarted them again.

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