It’s Time for Adults to Lead

COMMON SENSE: What do leaders do? They lead. When a difficult situation arises, if it becomes obvious that those in charge do not have the capacity to lead effectively, you change leadership. It’s as simple as that. That those in charge of our major universities lack the decisiveness necessary to protect their students and maintain order has become painfully obvious. The more prestigious the universities are, the worse the leadership is, but why is that?

In my estimation, what we are witnessing is the fatal flaw of Progressivism. Proclaiming to be moral trailblazers to a new Renaissance, to a better world for the enlightened, what they have consistently delivered instead is weak-willed vacillation. Lacking the moral courage to do the right thing for fear of offending Hamas-loving radicals, our university leaders have not only ceased to lead, but they have unwittingly capitulated to terrorism.

At Columbia University, President Minoche Shafik has abandoned the school to mob rule. Seventy decades ago, Dwight D. Eisenhower was the President at Columbia. Do you think Ike would have allowed terrorists to takeover the university? No, he would not have.

At the White House, our Commander-in-Chief is so intimidated by these thugs that he has refused to even make a statement condemning them. For fear of losing Muslim support, predictably, President Biden has made himself scarce. This demonstrates precisely how weak and ineffective his leadership really is.

With the world watching, it’s time for Americans to make massive changes, beginning with the White House but also trickling down to the handwringing Progressive presidents at our universities. We need real leaders, not these morally-superior, inept fools.