Just Common Sense

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: There is no such thing as “Gender Fluidity.” The entire idea is nonsense perpetrated by the Progressives to champion perversion. All men have XY chromosomes, while all women have XX chromosomes. There’s nothing in between. No matter what the Progressives say or do, they cannot change a person’s DNA markers.
In America, there are millions of men, millions of women, and a growing number of people with psychological problems that the Progressives champion as being normal, which they definitely are not. The entire idea is abhorrent and dangerous to the overall health of our society.
Even worse, what I am posting will be considered hate speech by the Progressive. It’s not that “the Emperor isn’t wearing clothes;” it’s that he’s wearing a dress. It’s not hate speech to state the obvious.
Conservatives are consistently maligned for “denying science” where climate change is concerned by the same people who adamantly state that Gender Fluidity is real. They not only call wrong right and right wrong, but they also demand that we accept their twisted worldview as being real and legitimate. It is not, and I am here to tell you it is not. It never will be right either, regardless of how forcefully it is shoved down our collective throats.

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