Just look up to me – March 3rd Devotional

by Stephanie Lacy

Just look up at Me. I know you feel you have to be upon your knees and even upon your face to have some kind of experience before me. I know you feel that you must work hard to show yourself approved before me. But today I say to you just look up to Me. I want to do the dishes with you; I want to be at your table where you have your coffee. I long to fight traffic with you and take on the problems and burdens of your day alongside of you. I say to you that I am already with you and I am for you. There isn’t anything I am not aware of going on in your life. Just acknowledge me and set your eyes upward knowing I know about this too. Yes, this too. I am here now. What I desire is for fellowship and partnership with you. I ask you this now. Can you simply see me with you? Can you see me fighting for you? Can you see me understanding you far better than you do yourself? Can you accept the fact I stand closer to you than your very breath? Can you just look at me and see that I genuinely care about all concerning you? I plead with you to look up to me today. I told you I would never leave you nor forsake you. Can you simply take me at my word? It is ok. You can take me at my word from this day forth.

Scripture application: Psalm 91:14, All of John Chapter 15

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