by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: According to multiple sources, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be stepping down, perhaps as early as today. With her health issues, she simply cannot continue. The workload is too great.
While I do not agree with her politically, or with her militant leftist rulings, she is a brilliant woman. She is the Left’s version of Antonin Scalia. With her departure, and the Republican majority having increased, President Trump can appoint a very conservative candidate.
When he does, all hell will break out, but neither Schumer, Feinstein, Booker, or any of the other Democrats can obstruct Trump’s appointment. This means the Supreme Court will be decidedly Conservative—as it should be.
Will there be a dogfight over the confirmation process? Of course there will be but, with 53 Senators and the Vice President, Trump’s selection will be easily confirmed. The dirty tricks of the Kavanaugh appointment will be dusted off and recast to destroy the character of Trump’s appointee, but we will be better prepared for it this time.
On a personal note, I wish Justice Ginsburg well in her retirement and a reprieve from her numerous medical issues.

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