by Jack Watts

Heavenly Father,
Each day of my life, I come into contact with so many people—
People at the grocery store, the bank, restaurants, and at church.
Often, without giving it a second thought, I forget Your work in them.
I go about my business, being completely oblivious to their needs,
Thinking instead only of my own and what is going on in my life.
Father, I know this is not a gracious or kind thing for me to do,
Nor does it reflect positively about the love I have for You.
Tomorrow, and each day afterwards, whenever I am tempted to be
Self-absorbed, cross, impatient, or self-serving, change my heart,
Because I do not want to continue traveling this selfish road.
Instead, fill me with Your kindness for each person I see,
Knowing that I am Your Ambassador to these people—an emissary
Of Your love, Your mercy, Your grace, and Your peace.
May every person with whom I come into contact,
Regardless of who it might be, whether it is in my family,
My community, my school, or at my place of work,
Recognize Your presence in my life by my actions and attitude.
Permit consistent acts of kindness to show the quality of love
And compassion that I have, which is honoring and pleasing to You.
I ask for this in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ,

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