Letter To Progressives; We’re Taking America Back

by Jack Watts
Can you discern what is happening? Can you feel it? Does it make you tremble? Does it make you quake in your tracks?
It should, because there’s a stirring in America that is palpable. It’s the rumbling of disquietude among people of faith—among those who long for righteousness. We are the producers of what has made this nation great—not you—and we are fed up with your deceit and your corruption. We will no longer accept your deceptive version of reality as normal, because it is not. We will no longer be bullied by the press, the Hollywood elites, or the leaders of Progressivism in our nation’s capitol.
You champion darkness. With one unresolved scandal after another, you have manipulated and deceived us, never allowing us to get close to the truth. Your spin-doctors deflect from factual accuracy to create a new reality—one which we are expected to accept as valid, but it never is.
Your leaders smile at their mischief, knowing that the mainstream media will turn a blind eye to protect their deceptions, but it will not work any longer. We will not sit by and witness the demise of our great nation. We are going to rid ourselves of all the corruption that threatens to destroy us, and there is nothing you can do to stop us.
We will stand for the ways of our forefathers and not for the perverted worldview we have been force-fed for years. We are tired of your corruption—sick of it. We are tired of your deceit, tired of your manipulation, and tired of having our values discarded in favor of your perverted worldview.
Although your elected leaders have sworn to uphold our Constitution, they have done the exact opposite. We are tired of them championing evil, calling right wrong, and wrong right. In your arrogance, you have mocked Christianity and God’s people, contemptuously believing we are powerless to stop your encroachment upon our inalienable rights. But you are wrong. We are not weak nor are we powerless. We are stronger than you can possibly imagine, and we are resolute in our convictions. We will prevail. You can count on it.

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