Mean Tweets

I don’t miss “mean tweets” at all. Nobody in their right mind should. Memes that say so are ridiculous. Being petty and mean-spirited is never acceptable behavior.
What I do miss is a booming economy, secure borders, energy independence and looking forward to seeing how well my stocks have been doing, rather than dreading to do so.
As I daily witness the nation I have loved my entire life continue to atrophy needlessly, being led by Leftist buffoons who are incompetent Globalists, what I desire is for our country to return to what has made us great since our foundation, and that isn’t Wokeness. It’s the Judeo-Christian work ethic, the desire to strive for excellence and not mediocrity, the commitment to one-man one-vote, and civility toward all.
I’m tired of being deceived and manipulated by Deep State criminals who tell us what they are doing is “for our own good.” It isn’t; it never has been and it never will be.

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