Media, Truth and Consequences 2

As I began to ponder on this once again I realized how difficult is to discipline yourself to remove these distractions from our lives. Sometimes I absolutely hate what I hear and see in the television these days. Even the radio has subtle songs that make us feel a certain way or remind of a painful memory only to take us back there is our mind. Have you ever noticed that you can be going somewhere and you are taken twenty years back to a painful place or maybe even a traumatic memory that just changes your whole day? Yes it happens more than we would like to admit. Painful Memories or places within the resources of our mind that have not been surrendered to Christ and therefore still bring pain or doubt. The enemy does this on purpose. He wants to remind us of pain and places where we thought God didn’t care or didn’t see and cause us to wonder about his goodness or mercy. That is the reason we have to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and cast down every imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. We have to be aware of the tactics of the enemy and remind ourselves daily. We have to have good friends that will reel us back in when we have wondered too far from the Truth of Gods word. We have to renew our mind daily. It is just like eating physically we have to do it daily and consciously.

Media is a tool and it can be used for good or evil. I noticed even after doing a radio program of mine own that the attacks were becoming more frequent the more I taught online and the more I went to help others get their word out about their ministries. Onslaughts would come directly after a great broadcast. And I can tell you this happens more frequently than people will admit. In the beginning I didn’t tell anyone what I was encountering thinking it was just a weakness I had but later I realized I needed prayer coverage for my program daily. I needed intercessors to come beside me and pray while I was traveling or interviewing or just teaching online. Most of the people I have been honored to meet in the Media have begun to share their struggle as well. I am not saying this to discourage you or bring doubt for those contemplating their calling in Media. I am trying to warn you to be aware and find intercessors beforehand to help you. I am telling you so you get in the Word daily and pray constantly and don’t let yourself go down bunny trails in your mind and lose your perspective. Take authority over your mind and take authority over your mouth and behavior. To whom much is given much is required. Which means to me when you are a teacher or given a platform in the kingdom Jesus expects us to walk worthy of the calling we are called to. We don’t have to be perfect but we do have to contain our vessel in many ways. The path begins to narrower and we are made aware of it. We no longer are able to go into self-pity or pride. We cant stay in strife or unforgiveness . These things will hinder our ability to hear or minister clearly. Bitterness will kill our ability to hear and speak the Word of God. His mercy is new everyday Yes but we cant take the grace of God for granted and abuse our walk. I am not saying to be religious or rote in our walk. I am saying that we have to surrender to God in every area to walk free and uninhibited. This is not easy to do. I have had to change a lot of things to be able to do this. There is such a refining that takes place. Gold does have to be purified. You go through purging and cleansing in order to walk in a manner worthy. I have been chastised and changed Praise God

So in essence what I am saying, when God opens a door especially in Media. First be mindful it is a serious step. Second pray and ask for direction to make sure it is from God. Third maybe consult a Christian leader or friend for advice. Fourth be willing to be disciplined and refined in order to remain. Be a minister in the Media is a gift and a deliberate choice that is given to many. Many come and many go. Some stand some fall. It is a privilege and an honor. Take it serious because there are consequences for those to step and are not willing to be molded into the image of Christ in the process. Your pride will be exposed, your weakness will be heard and your need for affirmation will be tested. How do I know? I have experienced all of them. I love being a Radio Host, writing books, speaking the truth and teaching the Word but there is a cost and a price to these positions. Be mindful and prayerful if you are ready for them.

Media, Truth and Consequences are in direct alignment of how you perceive the truth, how you convey it and the consequences it brings. We as Ministers are responsible to the deliver the Word in the most Graceful, Truthful and Loving way possible. We need great humility to do so. If we don’t have it we will through the things we suffer or endure. God is funny that way. If pride comes in he will surely deliver us from it. If our teaching is wrong we will be corrected in a loving way. If our hearts become hardened we will be made aware of it. If your life begins to wane from this he will ask us to step down. He is a good God and desires the best for us. He guides us and leads us into all truth and then we lead others. I have been in the Kingdom over 40 years and I still desire to more like Christ. Even today and forever I know I will continue to learn and receive greater truth. I marvel at the unlimited amount of it. Media is one of the Mountains, One that has great ability to go all over the World in a second, to spread the Gospel so greatly. Therefore, I believe we have to be careful what is said for the Kingdom and how it is said. I do believe according to the Word of God that we will have a stricter judgment simply because we have been the gift to teach. So if you are considering Media, be careful, prayerful and deliberate in your walk with God. Presenting the Truth does have Consequences.


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