Memorial Day Prayer for Restoration

Heavenly Father,

Despite the fact that much of America remaining shutdown

Because of the contagion spread by COVID-19’s destructiveness,

On this long Memorial Day weekend, we still choose

To come before You to remember those who have gone

Before us, sacrificing their lives so that we could remain free.

Recognizing our profound debt to these heroes of the past,

There are no words that that seem suitable or adequate—

No expression of appreciation that could possibly equal the deeds

Thar rhese mighty men and women of valor have done for us,

But we recognize it is our duty and our privilege to pause—

To stop and honor them in a way that is reverent and fitting.


Consequently, with profound respect and hearts full of gratitude,

Along with misty eyes, we bow our heads in reverence

And thank You for raising up so many warriors over the years—

From the time of the Revolution to our destructive Civil War,

From the two World Wars to the Middle Eastern conflicts.

Never allow us to forget the sacrifices our warriors have made for us.

Allow their deeds to be perpetually and indelibly etched in our hearts,

Knowing that  in our dark, depraved, and fallen world the price of freedom

Will continue to remain high because of the Evil desires of others.


From our nation’s founding, You have put into the hearts of our forefathers

That America would be a “City on a Hill” for the entire world to emulate.

Accordingly, let us pause on this special weekend when summer begins

To remember those who died, that we, the living, might continue

To answer the perpetual call to fight for freedom, justice and righteousness.

In Your benevolence, You have allowed our generation to remain free.

We thank You for this and for each of our numerous blessings.

We owe all of the abundance we have accumulated and enjoy to You.


Nevertheless, because of a biological attack upon the land of the free,

We find ourselves in a desperate situation, where economic calamity,

Which we have not brought upon ourselves, threatens our economy

With misery, famine and pestilence that can dismantle the foundation

Of our existence and of all the sacrifices our warriors have made for us.

Father, we come before You today and ask for Your favor.

Do not allow the virus launched by the Chinese Communists,

Which is being exploited by the Progressive Democrats and the media,

To succeed in destroying all that our veterans have fought to protect.

Instead, pour forth Your Holy Spirit and stir the American people

To once again look to You as our benefactor. Heal our land.

We need You now, just as we have needed You so many times before.

Be there for us, even though our generation of Americans is so undeserving.

As Your children, we ask this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ,


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