MICHAEL COHEN’S Testimony Is Theatre—Nothing Else

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Nothing that Michael Cohen has to say has the least bit of significance. When someone is as bitter as he is, especially facing lengthy jail time, that person’s credibility is nonexistent. Bitter ex-spouses are more believable.
What does bother me is the leadership that Elijah Cummings is providing for the House committee that has scheduled Cohen for today. Members of Congress are supposed to lead—not undermine. With President trump in Hanoi, trying to make progress with North Korea, the world is anxiously waiting. Finding a path forward is critical for world peace.
What Michael Cohen has to say, by comparison, is less than meaningless. That the Democrats in the House are using this occasion to try and undermine Trump’s credibility, while he is abroad doing his best to make a deal, is beyond self-defeating.
It makes me wonder how any American worth his or her salt could ever support such reckless, incompetent, self-absorbed fools. Remember this the next time you vote.

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