by Jack Watts:
COMMON SENSE: When the Mueller investigation into Russian collusion of the 2016 Presidential Election began, the first thing we—the American people—were told was how impeccable Mueller’s reputation was. His virtues were universally extolled by the media. He was lifted up so high that it became impossible for anybody to question his actions, let alone his motivations. Although he was in the middle of the fray, somehow he was above it all, or at least that was what we were led to believe about him.
Unfortunately, none of this was true. Instead, what we were fed was a carefully crafted marketing effort that had nothing to do with the reality of who Mueller actually is. There is nothing noble or virtuous about him—far from it.
We were presented with a carefully crafted narrative that was necessary to keep us from questioning anything about the Special Counsel’s investigation, especially his tactics and goals. For him to successfully take down the President of the United States, Mueller had to be the Superman of law enforcement, which he certainly is not and never has been.
To achieve his purpose, Mueller has adopted a scorched earth policy, with the goal of destroying every person who has ever been involved with Donald Trump. Not only does Team Mueller make these people’s lives hell on earth, his team also uses their massive budget and sovereign immunity to crush their victims financially.
This doesn’t just happen as a normal part of the investigatory process; it’s Mueller’s strategy. He wants to destroy these people. Because they have been involved with Satan himself, Donald Trump, they deserve to be destroyed. Being ruined is their just punishment, but Mueller has a far loftier goal than simply using his office to be a mean-spirited prosecutor.
Mueller will not be satisfied until he destroys and removes the President of the United States from office. This is Mueller’s ultimate goal, and it has been from day one of the investigation. Since there has been no evidence of collusion established, Mueller has had to expand the scope of his investigation, which is probably un-Constitutional, but this certainly hasn’t stopped him, has it? No, of course it hasn’t.
Bolstered by Rod Rosenstein, the Assistant Attorney General, Mueller has been free to do whatever he pleases, and not even legitimate Congressional oversight has been able to stop or impede him. Attorney General Sessions could, but he won’t. Sessions thinks he is being noble, but all he is actually doing is being AWOL. His dereliction of duty is so egregious that millions of Conservatives actually believe he is involved in a clever 4-D sting with Trump. This nonsense, however, is just wishful thinking by people who don’t want to believe Sessions could be as feckless and incompetent as he is.
At this point, since Mueller has not been able to “get Trump,” the Special Counsel has doubled down on his efforts to destroy Trump’s supporters, hoping that the mercurial Trump will end up firing him. If this happens, it may be the end of Trump, which is the only goal this single-focused miscreant, Robert Mueller, has had since the beginning.

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