by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Not one thing about what has happened to General Michael Flynn is on the up-and-up. Nothing is as it seems, and the prosecutorial misconduct toward him has been blatant.
Not only did disgraced Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe purposefully mislead Flynn by telling him that he didn’t need an attorney for his interview with Agent Peter Strzok and Agent Pientka, but the original 302 document that memorialized the interview is missing. Despite repeated demands for it to be produced, neither the FBI nor Mueller’s Office of the Special Counsel has been willing to produce the document. Instead, they have produced a subsequent 302 document that was created seven months later—SEVEN MONTHS LATER.
This stinks to high heaven. It’s unethical, and it’s illegal. FBI protocol requires 302s to be entered into their Sentinel system within five days, so where is this potentially exculpatory document? The FBI, DOJ, and Mueller’s team have refused to tell Congress or the court. What are they hiding, and how are they getting away with this?
Adding to this blatant refusal to be transparent, the FBI has refused to allow Agent Pientka to testify to Congress, despite repeated demands for him to appear. Why is Pietka being muzzled? What darkness does he know that should be brought to light?
What is happening—what the government is doing to Flynn—is disgraceful, illegal, and unworthy of our democratic republic. Trump’s right: this is a Witch Hunt!

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