Mueller Post

by Jack Watts

To understand the Mueller findings correctly, they need to be taken in context with what has happened to General Flynn, or more accurately, what hasn’t happened to him. Several weeks ago, he was supposed to be sentenced for his perjury conviction, but he wasn’t. It was postponed, and I suspect he will never serve time. But why is this important, and what is the link to what Rosenstein announced?

Flynn’s unmasking was based on the Steele Dossier, which the FBI fraudulently presented to the FISA Court to obtain a warrant. Thus, everything obtained from it is “fruit of the poisoned tree,” making the Flynn conviction fundamentally flawed. In other words, the Flynn conviction would not stand upon appeal, which Mueller knows.
The same is true for every aspect of the Mueller investigation into Russian collusion in our elections. So, what Mueller and Rosenstein have done is carefully orchestrate a way for them to get out of the mess created for them by the FBI created for them the best way possible.
They have done this by making everybody a winner. By indicting thirteen Russians, who will never be tried, Team Mueller has verified that there was indeed collusion. Thus, the Democrats and the media, who have been pushing the “Russian Collusion” narrative since Trump was elected, can claim victory. On the other hand, Trump and his supporters, who have consistently denied any collusion, can also claim victory. Any involvement with the Russians by them was “unwitting.” They didn’t know about it. To collude, you have to be knowledgable, which nobody was.
The entire Russian collusion investigation appears to be much ado about nothing—a tempest in a teapot. There may be more to come, but I doubt it. With what has been announced by Rosenstein, I do not see any reason why the President should be interviewed either, nor why he should even be asked.
Instead, the focus should turn to the criminality of the FBI and the DOJ, both of which knowingly and willingly conspired to illegally charge a sitting President with crimes he never committed. It’s time for Comey, Strzok, Page, Priestep, Ohr, Yates, Susan Rice, and the rest to pay for what they have done. It’s time for them to be indicted, tried, and if convicted to spend years in prison.

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