MUELLER-TRUMP a Constitutional Crisis Is Inevitable

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: The more I learn about the origins of the Mueller investigation, which is considerable, I more firmly I am convinced that it is a complete scam. Nothing about it is straightforward and honest—not one thing. Based on the fictional Steele Dossier, everything that has occurred before the election was aimed at denying Trump the White House. When he won the election, it morphed into a conspiracy to remove him from office. In other words, the Mueller investigation has been founded on a fraud.
Because nothing like this has ever happened before, and because he American people have had such trust in our governmental institutions, very few people believed that anything like this could happen—not in the land of the free and the home of the brave. But it has. Officials from the last administration have been so intent upon denying Trump the Presidency that they have brazenly hatched a plot to take down the man they despise with a passion.
Aided by the sycophantic media, who are so consumed by their own loathing for Trump that they refuse to do any real investigative journalism, along with the appointment of Jeff Sessions, perhaps the most incompetent attorney general of all time, a perfect storm for a Constitutional crisis has been created.
On one side, we have President Trump, a significant portion of Congress, and a mass of loyal citizens who are determined to reestablish the nation of their youth. On the other side, the renegade DOJ and FBI are backed by the media, a large subset of Congress, mindless Hollywood elites, and legions of bitter citizens who are convinced that Trump is a puppet of Vladimir Putin. The hatred of the Left for Trump is so significant that they would rather see our nation destroyed than for Trump to get the credit for making America great again.
How will this all end? Que sera, sera? Only God knows, but if I was an advisor to the President, I would state unequivocally that he should not walk into the trap that the Mueller team has set for him. Instead, expose this cabal for what it is. Let the entire world see every document behind this plot, un-redacted. The Left will chafe, but that’s no different than what they are already doing. Expose these villains for who they are and prosecute them. It’s the only way to reestablish the public’s trust in our government.
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