by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Is Trump’s Presidency in trouble? Are the walls really closing in on him, like the media would lead you to believe? Has the President committed high crimes and misdemeanors significant enough to warrant the House of Representatives to bring charges of impeachment against him?

If you accept what the Progressive media says at face value, the answer to these questions is yes, but this certainly does not mean that Trump is about to be forced out of office—quite the contrary. There is an alternative reality that is just as compelling, perhaps even more so.

To begin with, there has not been any collusion proven between Trump and Russia, which was the original reason for the Special Counsel being appointed. In the documents released yesterday, as well as what has been revealed in recent weeks, collusion has taken a backseat to potential campaign finance violations—a charge nearly ever President has to face, including Barack Obama, who had to pay a fine of about $350,000 for it.
But how vulnerable is President Trump to these charges, which are well beyond the investigatory charge of Mueller’s original jurisdiction? In my opinion, not much.

Trump hasn’t committed any crimes by paying off women to keep quiet about having sex with him. The issue is unsavory but not illegal. Trump used his own money to pay them off—not campaign funds. This makes it a non-issue legally, but that does not mean Mueller and the Democratic House will not try and remove Trump from office over this. They will.
The House is salivating over this, and so is Mueller. His purpose was never simply to investigate the issue of Trump collusion with Russia. It has been to find some way to take him down, and this is Mueller’s best shot at accomplishing his true purpose.

But will it work? No, it will not, but this will not keep them from trying to make it work. Ironically, Trump’s best defense will be that he has probably paid off numerous women, which makes his actions standard operating behavior for him. This issue, that Trump is immoral, will also be used to try and produce a wedge between Trump and his followers. Since they are primarily Evangelicals, this should drive them away, according to the Progressive media, but this will not work either. Trump’s supporters came to terms with this aspect of his character during the campaign. Being fiercely loyal, they will stick with him.

The bottom line is this: The Democrats are going to pay a huge price for placing their mean-spirited grievances above the best interests of the country, as our burgeoning prosperity will take a backseat to their desire for vengeance over losing the 2016 election. Oh, and one more thing—Trump will win again in 2020. You can take that to the bank.

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