MUELLER’S CORRUPTION Is Finally Being Uncovered

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: When Special Counsel Robert Mueller fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok for blatant bias against Donald Trump, I championed the move. To me, it was an indication that Mueller would be fair and impartial, but subsequent events have shown that Mueller and his team have had no trouble breaking the law to get what they really want, which is having Donald Trump removed from office.
Currently, there are two issues that clearly indicate the Special Counsel has gone rogue. First, it is becoming increasingly clear that the FBI, under Director James Comey, set General Michael Flynn up for perjury by entrapping him. To this end, Disgraced former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe went so far as to call Flynn before the FBI’s infamous meeting to tell Flynn that it was “unnecessary” for him to have his lawyer present. Right!
Now that this has come to light, Judge Emmet Sullivan has given the Mueller team until 3 p.m. December 14, to produce all the records concerning Flynn. This entire episode, which has destroyed the life of a three star general, reeks of illegal entrapment by the FBI and exploitation by the Office of the Special Counsel. My hope is that Judge Sullivan will reverse Mueller’s and Comey’s miscarriage of justice and set Flynn free.
Second, Inspector General Michael Horowitz has just revealed that the missing text messages between FBI Agent Strzok and his paramour, Lisa Page, were erased by the Office of the Special Counsel, when Mueller fired Strzok. By erasing thousands of text messages, Mueller and his team has been guilty of obstruction of justice—the very charge they are trying to build against President Trump. The conduct of the Office of the Special Counsel has been disgraceful and illegal.
As the public becomes increasingly aware of just how corrupt the Mueller and his team are, the pressure for them to be held accountable will grow. This is a good thing. Mueller is not who we have been led to believe he is. He is not ethical and above reproach—quite the contrary. He is ruthless, and he has been operating lawlessly. This cannot continue. We must investigate the investigators. This must happen immediately. Our entire system of justice depends on it.

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