MUELLER’S Investigation Has Always Been Agenda Driven

by Jack Watts
Normally, a Special Prosecutor is appointed to investigate a crime that cannot be easily or ethically handled by the Department of Justice, but that’s not what happened when Bob Mueller was appointed. Instead of investigating a crime, he was appointed to investigate a person—President Trump. There was no crime, just a President who was despised by the deeply-entrenched Washington establishment.
The goal has never been to uncover the truth about any real malfeasance in office by Trump, or any high crime and misdemeanor by him. The goal has always been to find a reason—any reason—to force Trump out of office.
At its core, the Mueller investigation was founded on a malevolent purpose—a purpose completely contrary to American values or the Rule of Law. Ever since, it has been sustained by bitterness normally reserved for contentious divorces. The Left, like a jilted lover, has been irrationally consumed with “getting Trump” on one thing or the other. That they have been unable to do so has not made them reevaluate the premise of their goal. Instead, it has made them double down in their efforts to take him out one way or the other. With each exoneration, their hatred escalates.
In “The Prince,” Machiavelli said that if you attempt regicide, you had better be successful, because if you aren’t, retribution will be swift and painful. As the investigations into Trump winds down, based on lack of evidence, a second wave of investigations is about to begin. This time, however, they will focus on corruption in the Democratic Party and the weaponizing of the government by the Obama administration against his political opponents. These investigations will culminate with indictments of numerous household names—all of whom deserve to spend years in prison for real crimes, not those conjured out of this air.

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