MUELLER’S TEAM Knew There Was no Collusion but Investigated Just to Hurt Trump

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: The Mueller Report will be out on Thursday. That there was no collusion has already been firmly stated, but the issue of obstruction of justice is not nearly as clear. This makes me want to ask a few questions.
One, if there never was any collusion, which the report firmly attests, then what could President Trump possibly have obstructed? Knowing he has been falsely accused, isn’t it reasonable that he would go to great lengths to clear his name? I sure would, wouldn’t you?
Two, if there was no legitimate predicate for the investigation, and it was based on four fraudulent FISA warrants, then aren’t the real criminals the ones who brought the false charges?
Three, if there never was any collusion, which even Agent Peter Strzok said there wasn’t early on, then why would it require a two-and-one-half-year investigation to state the obvious? What was the purpose of continuing for so long? Was there a nefarious motive?
Four, if there never was any collusion and this was known early on, would the criminality lie with the Special Counsel and his team for purposefully keeping the President from doing the job we elected him to do? It seems like it would.
Five, does undermining a President’s ability to govern through flawed adjudication constitute criminal behavior? I believe it does, and the conspirators must pay the price for it.
The Democrats may be howling for answers this week, but we will be the ones seeking justice in the end—count on it. There must be no compromise. The criminals—all of them—must pay.

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